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Time To Talk about Female Pattern Hair Loss!

It’s never “just hair”.

For lots of us, our hair is our crowning glory. Deeply connected with ideals of femininity and youth, our hair is often one of the most important ways we express ourselves aesthetically, for some even culturally. How we cut it, colour it, and style it is a statement about who we are.

For those who lose their hair, it can feel like they’re losing a part of their identity.

We’re talking about a condition called Androgenetic Alopecia, which in women presents as Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL). It looks different to our Male counterparts; it presents as a thinning of hair on the scalp due to increased hair shedding or a reduction in hair volume, or both. The air becomes thinner all over the head, and the hairline does not recede. It is normal to lose up to 50-100 hairs a day.

So why is FPHL (Female Pattern Hair Loss) such a Taboo subject? Consider this; we’ve broken down stigmas surrounding so many female health and beauty concerns. We now talk openly about cosmetic procedures, injectables, and anti-ageing treatments. But oddly, many people still think of hair loss as something that only affects men, and therefore, not something women discuss, or should discuss. Or want to discuss.

Well according to the statistics we should be discussing it.

Research into FPHL suggests:

Around 40% of women by age 50 will show signs of hair loss, and’
Less than 45% of women will reach the age of 80 with a full head of hair*

It can feel scary to admit we need help with our thinning hair. It can make us feel vulnerable or even embarrassed, often too embarrassed to even talk about our hair loss, even with friends and family.

Well there’s an empowering course of action you can take.

We’re talking about Regenera Activa, quickly being recognised all over the world by the medical community as their choice for their patients looking for hair regrowth. Regenera Active is also one of the most popular hair loss treatments for women that stimulates better hair growth. A consultation with us at The Skin Lab will be able to tell you why you might be losing your hair, and if Regenera Hair Treatment will be suitable for you.

How Does Regenera Activa Treatment Work?

Regenera Activa is a minimally-invasive procedure that takes micrografts from existing healthy follicle stores, usually at the back of your scalp. These tiny skin grafts contain the ‘adipose layer’ from which ‘progenitor cells’ are extracted. These cells are then broken down into injectable form, and re-implanted into areas of hair loss, where they begin new cycles of growth.

What Can I Expect During My Regenera Activa Appointment?

When you come back to us after your initial Regenera activa hair treatment consultation, you’ll be in the clinic for no longer than an hour.

We’ll start with a numbing local anaesthetic to make things as comfortable as possible. Between 1 and 3 micrografts will be taken from the back of your scalp, processed, and then re-injected into sites of hair loss. How many injections you’ll need will depend on the extent of your hair loss, and the fullness you want to achieve. The needle is very fine, so you should find discomfort to be minimal.

After that, you’re free to go – no downtime, no bandages, and no tell-tale signs you’ve had anything done. For women, Regenera activa can do wonders! At The Skin Lab, we also offer Regenera Activa for men.

How Long Does Regenera Activa Take To Work?

All hair growth must go through growth cycles before they appear above the surface of our skin. The new hair you’ll grow following your treatment is no different. How long it’ll take to see results depends on the individual. Some report new signs of growth or improved thickness after just a few weeks. For many, the real results will start to shine through after 4 to 7 months. Opt for Regenera for hair growth.

How Do I Get Started With My Regenera Hair Treatment?

A highly-trained hand is needed to discern the placement and angle of these injections, in order to get the best out of your RA treatment, and to avoid any damage to existing hair. At the Skin Lab, your treatment will be performed by Medical Director and Founder Dr Heather Jenkins, with her highly trained team or registered or enrolled nurses on hand to guide you through the whole journey.

Many people will spend hours online researching Regenera Activa. Make this the last article you read! The best way to find out if it’s right for you is to book a consultation with our medically trained professionals.

It’s easy to book, there’s no obligation, and Medicare rebates apply for your initial consultation.

Our Regenera hair treatment cost starts at $3000, but for the whole month of July, we’re offering a $500 gift voucher to spend at the Skin Lab for those who book and pay for their treatment before August 31st*

Payment Plans are available – you pay no interest ever.

Contact us here today to start your Regenera Activa journey. The Skin Lab also offers silhouette soft threads lift treatment.

*Female pattern hair loss | DermNet NZ

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