Dr Rowland Noakes

MBBS | RACOG | RACGP | FACD | MED0001351329

Dr Noakes is a highly regarded consultant dermatologist at The Skin Lab, where he offers his expertise and guidance to patients seeking top-tier dermatological care. In addition, he holds prestigious visiting positions at Gympie Specialist Centre, Icon Cancer Centre in Mackay, and Dermatology Solutions in Rockhampton, further solidifying his reputation as an honourable medical professional.

After graduating with an MBBS from the reputable University of Queensland in 1980, Dr Noakes established a profound medical knowledge foundation. His extensive experience as a general practitioner, coupled with a persistent pursuit of advanced postgraduate studies both domestically and internationally, has endowed him with a wealth of expertise across various medical disciplines.

After completing the Fellowship of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, Dr Noakes joined the esteemed team at Terrace Dermatology. This accolade signifies his commitment to achieving the highest standards of professional excellence and his dedication to delivering comprehensive dermatological care.

Dr Noakes’ professional interests encompass the full spectrum of skin, hair, and nail diseases, as he is deeply devoted to their treatment and prevention. Moreover, his specialised expertise extends to injectable treatments for hyperhidrosis and melanocyte transplantation. Utilising state-of-the-art laser technology, Dr Noakes employs a meticulous and insightful approach to treating various medical conditions. His large patient base appreciates his thoroughness, profound understanding, and exceptional outcomes he consistently achieves.

With a distinguished reputation as a highly educated dermatologist, Dr Noakes exemplifies the epitome of professionalism in the field of dermatology. His unwavering dedication to continuous learning, coupled with his compassionate and comprehensive approach to patient care, establishes him as a trusted authority and a beacon of excellence in his field.

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