Collagen Biostimulant

Stimulate your body’s own natural collagen production to tighten, improve and restore your skin with our Collagen Biostimulant treatment.

Unlike hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, our Collagen Biostimulant is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel carrier. This innovative formula not only adds volume but also stimulates natural collagen production in the skin for long lasting, natural looking results.

The secret weapon in anti-aging, this treatment is ideal for anyone with severe crepiness and can be used to improve laxity on both the face and body including hands, knees, arms and under the bottom (banana roll).

From $1500*

*First-time customers require an initial consultation

What to expect?

What are the benefits of Collagen Biostimulant injectables?

Stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen, the key benefits of this treatment include:

  • Immediate and long-lasting results
    This treatment provides instant volume and smoothness, with results lasting up to 12-36 months.
  • Natural looking results
    By stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen, this treatment offers a gradual and subtle improvement over time, creating a natural, soft appearance that blends seamlessly with your own tissues.
  • Minimally invasive
    With little to no downtime, patients can return to their regular activities shortly after the procedure.
  • Versatility
    This treatment can be used to treat a variety of concerns, including deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and non-surgical facial contouring and enhancement.

What can this treatment be used for?

Our Collagen Biostimulant Injectables are intended for anyone with concerns about skin ageing, as assessed by your cosmetic practitioner. This can include correcting or minimising marionette lines, smile lines, frown lines, deep folds around the mouth or cheeks and more. This treatment can also be used to improve the appearance of acne scars, or to treat cellulite anywhere on the body.

Is there any downtime for this treatment?

No, patients can resume daily activities immediately following the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

As with any cosmetic treatment, side effects can occur. This is a minimally invasive procedure, and any potential side effects such as temporary redness or swelling at the injection site are usually mild and subside within a few days.

Your injector will inform you of all potential side effects and what to expect post treatment. Please refer to the Patient Information leaflet for further information regarding side effects. If any reactions persist beyond 10 days, please consult your physician.

Collagen Biostimulant Prices

Facial laxity & Crepey Skin

from $1500

Accordion Lines

from $1500


from $1500


from $1500


from $1800

Upper Arm Laxity

from $2455

Lower Arm

from $2455


from $2455

Banana Rolls (under bottom)

from $2745

Full Bottom Laxity and Cellulite

from $5200
*Collagen Biostimulant Brisbane prices are a guide only and treatment costs many vary depending on your individual concerns and body shape. First-time customers require an initial consultation to determine eligibility before discussing your collagen biostimulant cost. If a customer is eligible, they can receive their consultation and treatment on the same day.

All skin types welcome

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