Laser Tattoo Removal

From misspelling, poor artistry, unwanted names to the butterfly that seemed like a good idea in the 90’s, three in ten Australians have regret over at least one of their tattoos.

Powered by science-backed tattoo removal innovations, The Cutera Enlighten III laser uses the latest technology to remove ink colours by delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin, shattering the pigment.

This Pico technology is the key to breaking down all types of tattoo inks and colours. Our tattoo removal is FAST so therefore much more comfortable for our clients. In many cases only half the number of treatments is needed when compared to other tattoo removal devices on the market.

From $150*

*First-time customers require an initial consultation

What to expect

How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo Removal works by utilising appropriate laser technology that targets different coloured tattoo inks at various wavelengths. These wavelengths generate heat, which is absorbed by the tattoo ink, which is immediately shattered and dispersed by the body. With each treatment performed, the pigment disappears, and the tattoo is removed.

What tattoo inks can you treat?

At The Skin Lab, our tattoo removal technology uses multiple laser wavelengths to effectively treat tattoo inks such as black, green, blue and red.

How many treatments do I need?

Tattoos come in all shapes, sizes and colours. This makes it difficult to give an exact quote for the removal of a tattoo without seeing it first. We kindly ask you to make a consultation to speak with a member of our team who can measure you up and give you a personalised quote. We can also discuss any payment plan options if required. All of this can be done in person at the clinic or via secure video conferencing from the comfort of your home.

I’m booked in for a treatment! Do I need to do anything beforehand?

Great! We look forward to welcoming you to The Skin Lab. 24-48 hours prior to your treatment, we ask you to please shave the treatment area. Please ensure no fake tan or moisturisers have been applied to the area and sun exposure has been limited.

What happens during my treatment?

Performed by our qualified medical doctors, your tattoo removal journey begins with a pre-treatment consultation. Assessing the size, colour and age of your tattoo, we craft a tailored tattoo removal plan to achieve full clearance of your unwanted ink.

Once your treatment area has been sufficiently numbed (using a topical anaesthetic), we begin laser tattoo removal. Incredibly fast compared to other tattoo removal lasers, your treatment is swift and efficient so you can get on with your day sooner.

What can I expect afterwards?

Following your tattoo removal treatment, your doctor will dress the treated area. Your skin may appear red, inflamed and blistered for a period of time after your treatment but this will subside throughout the healing process. Your doctor will recommend your personalised post-care plan that may include topical soothing gels and redressing.

Based on your unique treatment plan, we’ll welcome you back to The Skin Lab every 6 weeks to achieve full clearance of even the most challenging tattoos.


Pico Genesis

per area $150**
* First-time customers require an initial consultation. **Measured treatable area  = size of a credit card.
* First-time customers require an initial consultation

All skin types welcome

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