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Now available at the ASTOR TERRACE car park.

Conveniently located only 200m  /  24 Hour Surveillance  /  Locked after 7pm  /  Card Entry After Hours

The Astor Terrace Car Park
28 Astor Terrace Spring Hill
(Entry is via Portman Lane)


Park at the Astor Terrace Car Park Collect ticket upon entry. Don’t lose it!


Collect a Parking QR code from The Skin Lab Reception after your appointment.


Validate at the exit boom gate by INSERTING your parking ticket, then SCANNING your Parking QR Code.


*Terms & Conditions

*The Skin Lab offers the following parking arrangement for all clients visiting The Skin Lab on the day of their appointment: Park for up to 2 hours at The Astor Terrace Car Park (28 Astor St, Spring Hill) for free, or park longer than 2 hours for a flat rate of $12 for the remainder of the day. To access the parking offer clients must have collected a parking ticket upon entry to the Astor Terrace Car Park, as well as having asked for and received a QR Parking Voucher from The Skin Lab reception on the day of the appointment.

The offer is activated when both Parking Ticket and QR Voucher are used when exiting the Astor Terrace Car Park. This may be done via the car exit boom gate pay Machine, or the walk-up pay machine, located near the pedestrian entrance to The Astor Terrace Car Park.

The offer is only valid for cars entering the carpark between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday. The offer is not valid on weeknights (5 pm – 7.59 am) or Weekends, (5 pm Friday to 7.59 am Monday). Additional charges will apply if entering or exiting outside evening/weekend times, as outlined by the Astor Terrace Car Park. The parking rate is calculated from the time your vehicle enters the Astor Terrace Car Park, till the time your parking is validated at the Astor Terrace Car Park, via the Pay Machines located near the pedestrian entrance, or the exit boom gate, as per the t’&c’s of the Astor Terrace Car Park.

During the defined period, cars parking under 2 hours will not be charged for their car parking. Cars that have parked for longer than 2 hours during the defined period will be charged a $12 flat rate. Being a 24-hour private car park, the $12 flat rate covers the period as follows: from time of entrance to the car park during the defined period, up till 4.59 am the following day, Offer only available when parking at the Astor Terrace Car Park. By choosing to take up this offer, please note you are subject to the Terms & Conditions of The Astor Terrace Car Park when choosing to park your car on their premises.

Upon entering the Car Park, The Skin Lab acknowledges though encouraging its clients to park at The Astor Terrace Car Park, it is in no way responsible or liable for any damage physical or otherwise, whilst using the car park premises. Offer subject to availability.

All skin types welcome

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