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Silhouette Soft Threads

Our Brand of Choice For Your Silhouette Soft Non Surgical Face Lift

Silhouette Soft thread lift is a name given to the tiny, biodegradable threads we use at The Skin Lab to perform mini facelifts without the scalpel.

The threads bear tiny conical support points, which are delicately woven underneath the subdermis to act as ‘scaffolding’ beneath the skin. This can be used to lift loose or sagging skin around the eyes, cheeks, chin, jaw, and jowls; to create a lifted or fox-like definition to the eyes; and even to correct asymmetry in the nose.

They’re totally non-surgical, and can be administered in less than a lunch break. As the threads are applied to the subdermis, a relatively painless region on which to perform adjustments, minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime are two big wins for Silhouette Soft.

But Silhouette Soft isn’t the only thread lift product out there. If you’ve had or read up on threads before, you might have heard of APTOS threads, PDO threads, or the brand ‘Happy Lift’. Each thread product comes with slightly different merits, but across the board, the technology is achieving results that only a surgical facelift would’ve achieved just a decade ago.

At the Skin Lab, after careful consideration, we choose Silhouette Soft as our Thread of choice. Why? It’s a scientifically-backed, leading edge beauty solution, with some clear advantages over its competitors. And the results are there for all to see.

Why Soft Silhouette Thread Lift?

Silhouette Soft threads release collagen-stimulating particles over time. This is something other thread lift products simply can’t claim. Silhouette Soft boosts your skin’s natural volumizing abilities, giving you regenerative effects that keep coming for weeks after treatment.

Silhouette Soft threads last longer. PDO and APTOS threads have been shown to see 50% material degradation within 7 to 8 weeks. This means that they’ll start to lose half of their impact within just two months. SS threads have been shown to display no degradation for a full 12 weeks after treatment.

They use cones instead of barbs. SS threads stay in place with the help of ‘bidirectional cones’. These are microscopic cones dotted along the thread. They provide extremely secure ‘anchors’ for supporting skin tissues and holding your enhancement in place. Other thread types use ‘barbs’. Other than just sounding less pleasant, they come with an increased risk of migration, and can even leave patients with a prickling sensation under the skin.

Check out our previous client’s silhouette soft before and after pictures.

How Long Do Silhouette Soft Threads Last?

One of the best things about Silhouette Soft is that, unlike dermal fillers that will slowly start to metabolise out of your system after a few days, the results actually get better over time. This is thanks to their powers of increased collagen production, which works to boost volume, radiance and overall skin condition for many months.

Effects from Silhouette Soft can last from 18 months all the way up to 2 years.

And if you need one more benefit, Silhouette Soft threads are made of PLA (polylactic acid) – an all-natural, dissolvable substance sourced from biomatter. No plastics, no chemicals, no toxins.

The best way to start your Silhouette Soft journey is by booking a consultation[add link] today. Our trained dermatologists and cosmetic physicians will provide professional guidance on how we can help you reach your aesthetic goals. Trust The Skin Lab as your reliable skin care clinic.

Want to know about our silhouette soft lift cost? Call us! At The Skin Lab, we offer affordable prices for silhouette soft thread lift and ensure you achieve youthful skin. We also offer Regenera Activa Treatment for both men and women.

Stop searching “silhouette soft thread lift near me” and book your appointment right away!

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