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Laser Wart & Mole Removal Brisbane

If you’re bothered by moles, warts or even skin tags on the face or body, and this affects your self-confidence, we offer a non-surgical solution that may pique your interest.

Until recently, surgical excision, along with cryotherapy treatment (freezing skin lesions with liquid nitrogen) were the only techniques available for removing localised skin lesions. However, most moles are suitable for removal using laser treatment, with no cutting or stitching required.

Our wart and mole removal treatments combine cutting-edge technology with personalised care, ensuring a transformative experience that not only addresses skin concerns but also elevates your confidence in your own skin. 

With laser mole removal, we prioritise precision and effectiveness. Our non-surgical cosmetic mole removal procedure means no cutting or stitching is required, resulting in minimal discomfort and quicker recovery times. Trust The Skin Lab for a journey that goes beyond routine procedures – it’s a personalised skincare experience designed to reveal healthier, radiant skin and to boost your confidence in your unique beauty.

From $299*

*First-time customers require an initial consultation

What to expect

Which lasers do you use, and what does cosmetic mole removal involve?

Our Deka Smartxide DOT CO2 laser is used to precisely vaporise moles and warts without affecting the surrounding tissue. CO2 lasers are used as the gold standard of laser skin resurfacing for the entire face. However, in this case, we utilise the laser energy on one tiny area alone, quickly and effectively. Witness your moles and warts disappear, revealing smoother and clearer skin.

How many treatments do I need?

You will not require follow-up laser surgery treatments, however, if the lesion reappears, another treatment will be required.

Are there differences in the treatment for warts and moles during the removal procedure?

No, moles and warts are treated the same at The Skin Lab, despite their differences. 

Warts, being caused by a viral infection of skin cells, generally require targeted methods to eliminate the wart virus. Traditional treatments include cryotherapy and topical medications. However, at The Skin Lab, our advanced laser technology is adept at precisely targeting and treating warts, ensuring an effective and thorough laser wart removal. Please note that this treatment does not apply to genital warts

At The Skin Lab, our commitment to personalised care extends to understanding the unique characteristics and treatment of warts and moles, allowing us to provide optimal laser removal treatment options. Our skilled team conducts a thorough consultation to assess each condition individually, ensuring that the laser removal approach aligns with the specific requirements of warts and moles, delivering exceptional results with precision and care.

I’m booked in for a treatment! Do I need to do anything beforehand?

Great! We look forward to welcoming you to The Skin Lab. Prior to your treatment, we ask that you avoid excessive sun exposure.

What happens during my laser wart and mole removal treatment?

All The Skin Lab skin treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation where you’ll share your medical history, background and treatment goals. We only use this treatment for benign moles, so we must first ensure that the lesion is suitable for laser removal. To do so, you can book in for a skin cancer check with us to rule out any suspicious moles you would like removed. 

Once cleared by our skin cancer clinic, we use a topical agent, such as local anaesthetic, to numb the area before very quickly delivering the laser energy to the site. Wart and mole removal procedures generally don’t take too long. For some, you may be in and out of the clinic within 15 minutes.

What can I expect afterwards?

Following your mole and wart removal Brisbane treatment, you may experience some redness or soreness in the treated area, which should subside within 12-48 hours. We may advise you to keep the area covered and to use a broad-spectrum high-protection sunscreen during the healing process

We also advise against wearing makeup and certain skincare products for a period of time afterwards to achieve optimal healing and results for mole and wart treatments. Our post-care instructions are designed to ensure the best possible outcome and minimise any potential complications and will be clearly explained to you after your procedure. 

After having their moles and warts treated, most patients also experience an immediate confidence boost.

Will laser mole removal leave a scar?

While we cannot guarantee scarless mole removal, our laser mole and wart removal Brisbane services are designed to leave minimal scarring.

Does this treatment work for facial moles?

Absolutely! Laser mole removal does not affect the surrounding skin, resulting in an effective treatment with minimal discomfort and an excellent cosmetic outcome for facial mole removal. The same goes for facial warts and skin tag removal.

Can I undergo wart and mole removal if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, our treatments are designed to be safe for various skin types, including sensitive skin. During your consultation, we’ll assess your skin type and customise the procedure accordingly. We understand the unique needs of sensitive skin and take extra precautions to ensure a comfortable and positive experience throughout the mole and wart removal process. Rest assured, your well-being is our top priority. We’re dedicated to providing personalised care that aligns with the specific requirements of your sensitive skin.

Are there any age restrictions for laser wart and mole removal procedures?

In general, there are no strict age restrictions to remove warts or moles for cosmetic reasons. However, for minors, we recommend parental consent and involvement for every step of the laser mole removal treatment process. At The Skin Lab, we understand that every individual, regardless of age, may have concerns about moles or warts that impact their confidence and well-being. We also understand the hesitancy for surgical removal for minors, which is why we are happy to offer non-invasive laser therapy treatment. Our team works closely with both individuals and their parents to ensure a thorough understanding of the cosmetic removal procedure and address any questions or concerns.

Why choose The Skin Labs

We prioritise your well-being above everything else. At The Skin Lab, your wart or mole removal Brisbane service is more than a procedure – it’s a personalised journey designed to enhance your confidence and reveal healthier, radiant skin. Our commitment to excellence, innovative technologies, and a team of experienced medical professionals ensure that your experience goes beyond routine treatments.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we can precisely remove moles quickly without the need for a surgical procedure. The entire process will be conducted by a qualified skin doctor so that you can rest assured that you are in good hands from start to finish. 

Choose The Skin Lab for wart or mole removal in Brisbane, which prioritises your individuality and well-being, ensuring a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary. Your skin deserves the exceptional care and dedication that define our approach.


Co2 Laser - up to 15 mins

from $299

Co2 Laser - up to 30 mins

from $690
* First-time customers require an initial consultation

All skin types welcome

Got questions? Or ready to book in? Contact our experienced and friendly team to start your journey to healthy skin with us.
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