Stubborn Fat

Following a health and exercise regimen but unable to shift that stubborn fat? Sometimes no matter how strictly you diet, or how hard you exercise, there are pockets of fat you just can’t seem to budge. We can help! Our advanced body contouring systems can help you reach your body shaping goals, quickly and comfortably, without the pain and downtime of liposuction.

Areas of Concern

Female Stubborn Fat

The most common areas of stubborn fat pockets for women include that small pouch on the lower stomach, love handles, ‘tuck shop lady’ arm fat, and the ‘bra bulge’ above or below where the back of your bra sits.


These areas of stubborn fat are also often accompanied by cellulite, resulting in that rough-textured ‘orange peel’ appearance where the skin’s surface dimples.

Males Stubborn Fat

Common areas of stubborn fat pockets for men often include tummy bulge or ‘beer gut’, love handles, enlarged pecs, arms, and above the knees.


We have two body sculpting devices that can target any and all of these stubborn areas:


Onda Coolwaves

All skin types welcome

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