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Acne and Acne Scarring

Whether you are currently experiencing active acne or you have been left with the scars of your teenage breakouts, we understand that acne scarring can be severe and have lasting effects on your confidence. Thankfully, we have several options for reducing active acne and for addressing acne scarring.

Areas of Concern

Active Acne

Regardless of your age, gender, skin colour, or severity of your acne, we can help to create a tailored treatment and home care plan that will reduce your acne symptoms, including redness and sensitivity, blackheads, papules and pustules, as well as reduce the chances of scarring as your lesions clear up. Treatment often involves assessment by the Doctor and recommendation of prescription medication.

Acne Scarring

There are many types of acne scars, from atrophic to hypertrophic, boxcar to icepick, even those annoying red dots (post-inflammatory erythema) that remain behind after a pimple or bout of acne. All of these can affect our confidence and prevent us from achieving that glowing, healthy-looking skin we are all searching for.


We recommend a number of treatments to approach active acne and scarring.

Chemical Peels

Medical Grade Skin Needling

Laser for Active Acne

Laser for Acne Scarring

Medical Consultation with Specialist

All skin types welcome

Got questions? Or ready to book in? Contact our experienced and friendly team to start your journey to healthy skin with us.
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