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LED Light Therapy

Soothing, deeply penetrating and exceptionally rejuvenating, LED Light Therapy is the non-invasive skin renewal treatment on everyone’s radar.

Working at a cellular level, LED Lights target deep within your skin to activate their unique renewal functions and treat a number of the most common skin concerns.

At The Skin Lab, our LED Light Therapy treatments are powered by the industry’s highest powered LED Light Therapy technology, MediLUX. Able to restore and rejuvenate both your face and body, our LED Light Therapy treatments are an exceptional standalone skin treatment or the perfect addition to your chosen skin rejuvenation treatments.

$99 per session*

What to expect

How does LED Light Therapy work?

Developed by NASA, LED Light Therapy is a restorative-based treatment that engages our skin cells at different wavelengths. Each of these Light Emitting Diodes (LED) wavelengths are targeted towards specific skin conditions. When this energy is engaged, it is sent deep within the skin and begins its unique regeneration process painlessly and effectively.

What are the benefits of LED Light Therapy?

Thanks to our MediLUX technology, we’ve harnessed 5 LED wavelengths to address a range of skin conditions:

  • Blue Light LED to destroy acne-causing bacteria and reduce sebaceous activity
  • Red Light LED to boost collagen and elastin production, enhance circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Green Light LED to address uneven skin tone and unwanted pigmentation
  • Yellow Light LED to support skin healing, hydration and soothe inflamed skins
  • Near-Infrared LED for deep cellular regeneration, wound healing and muscle recovery

I’m booked in for a treatment! Do I need to do anything beforehand?

Great! We look forward to welcoming you to The Skin Lab. There are no pretreatment requirements for LED Light Therapy.

What happens during my treatment?

All The Skin Lab skin treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation where you’ll share your medical history, background and treatment goals. Together, we’ll formulate a treatment plan to achieve your objectives, which may include other treatments and skincare.

Following a thorough cleanse, your clinician will select the LED Light Therapy wavelengths best suited for your skin condition and goals. This may include multiple wavelengths throughout your treatment. LED is completely painless and, for most, a very enjoyable experience. Most liken it to bathing in warm sunshine – without the harmful effects of UV radiation! Following your LED Light Therapy treatment, recommended serums and sun protection are applied.

How many treatments do I need?

Like any skin treatment, the more consistent you are, the better your long-term results will be. We recommend beginning a series of LED treatments with time between treatments recommended by your clinician.

Can I add LED onto other treatments?

Absolutely! We recommend LED Light Therapy as an add-on service to many of our skin treatments including Skin Needling, IPL skin rejuvenation, Chemical Peels and even during one of our body contouring sessions.

What can I expect afterwards?

LED Light Therapy has no post-treatment downtime or effects so you can continue your daily life as normal.

Red & Blue Light


LED Light Therapy

$99 per session

LED Light Therapy

package of 5
$395 ($79 per session)

LED Light Therapy

package of 10
$490 ($49 per session)


LED Face Masque


LED Neck & Decolletage Masque


LED Eye Masque


All skin types welcome

Got questions? Or ready to book in? Contact our experienced and friendly team to start your journey to healthy skin with us.
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