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Open Pores

Did you know that pores do not open and close? Those experiencing larger than normal pore size either inherit this genetically, or the size of the pore has become enlarged over time. We know that skin has the ability to stretch like a rubber band, and our pores are no exception. After a long period of being blocked by waste, buildup and makeup, pores can stretch, looking visibly large on the surface.


When approaching enlarged pores, we recommend a two-fold approach, including a treatment to deeply cleanse and extract waste buildup from inside the pores, followed by a clinical treatment to remodel and shrink back the pore size from within. Treatment options include:

Laser for Skin Rejuvenation

Medical Grade Skin Needling

Carbon Facials


Chemical Peels


IPL Skin Rejuvenation

All skin types welcome

Got questions? Or ready to book in? Contact our experienced and friendly team to start your journey to healthy skin with us.
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