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Whatever your skin concern, we have the experience, knowledge, and tailored Dermatological treatments to deliver the best results for skin rejuvenation and health. For the best dermatologist Brisbane experience, book an appointment with The Skin Lab.



Skin Checks

Comprehensive, full-body skin checks for sun spots, and melanoma early detection.



Skin Cancer Removal

Surgical and non-surgical treatments of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.



Mole, Cyst, Skin Tag Removal

Removal of unwanted skin lesions with range of surgical, scarless and laser treatment options.



Medical Consultations

Comprehensive medical consults for all skin concerns including all common and rare skin, hair and nail disorders.



Anti-Sweating Injections

Relief from excessive sweating by inactivating the sweat glands in your area of concern.

We treat all skin conditions


At The Skin Lab, our dermatology specialists are committed to addressing your unique skin needs with precision and care. Our dermatologists in Brisbane understand that skin health goes beyond aesthetics, impacting overall well-being. We are highly experienced in treating skin diseases and conditions, from acne to psoriasis. Discover how just one treatment at The Skin Lab can begin to restore not just your skin but your confidence.


Acne is a common skin condition characterised by the presence of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. At The Skin Lab, we understand the impact acne can have on both physical appearance and self-esteem. Our dermatologists’ approach to treating acne includes medical and cosmetic treatments to manage active acne and minimise acne scarring.

Redness, rosacea and capillaries

Redness, rosacea, and capillaries can be more than just visible skin concerns – they can affect your confidence and how you perceive your own skin. At The Skin Lab, our dermatologists understand the emotional toll these conditions can take. We place a special emphasis on creating a treatment plan that not only addresses the physical manifestations but also restores a sense of calm and assurance to your skin.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are chronic skin diseases that can significantly impact both physical comfort and emotional well-being. Our dermatologists in Brisbane specialise in providing comprehensive care for these conditions, recognising the unique challenges they pose.


Dermatitis can cause itching, redness and discomfort and disrupt your daily life, making even the simplest activities feel like a challenge. Our specialist dermatologists understand the impact dermatitis can have on your overall well-being. We are dedicated to providing personalised solutions that alleviate symptoms and empower you to regain control and comfort in your skin.

Cosmetic dermatology services


Our full range of cosmetic dermatology services is designed to elevate your natural beauty, offering transformative solutions for your skin disease or condition. From pigmentation correction to anti-wrinkle injections, our skilled dermatologists are dedicated to unveiling your most radiant and confident self.

Laser treatments

Experience the transformative power of our laser treatments, designed to address various skin concerns such as pigmentation, vascular lesions, and fine lines. Our state-of-the-art laser technology, coupled with the expertise of our dermatologists, ensures precise and effective results.

Non-invasive procedures

Discover the latest in non-surgical dermatology at The Skin Lab. From facials and peels to light therapy and dermaplaning, our non-invasive dermatological cosmetic procedures include innovative treatments that enhance skin tone, texture, and elasticity without the need for surgery. We can smooth deep wrinkles, stimulate cell renewal, correct pigmentation and more. Discover a refreshed and youthful appearance with our non-invasive procedures.

What to expect


With a range of dermatology skin treatments available, we don’t doubt you’ve got some questions. We’ve got the answers you need straight from a trusted skin specialist.

How often should I have a skin check?

Our general recommendation is that you should have a skin check annually. However, if you have a history of skin issues or increased sun exposure, more frequent check-ups would be best. Our dermatologists in Brisbane will give you a skin cancer management recommendation based on your assessment and individual circumstances.

What types of skin cancer removal procedures do you do?

Our dermatologist Brisbane clinic provides both surgical and non-surgical treatments for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. The choice of procedure depends on the type, size, and location of the tumour. We will discuss your options and develop a tailored treatment plan for you.

I want a mole removed - how painful is the removal process?

When removing moles, cysts or skin tags, we focus on minimising any discomfort during and after the procedure. Your comfort is our priority, and our dedicated dermatologists are committed to ensuring a gentle and reassuring experience at every step of the process. We have a range of different removal techniques to suit all patients and comfort levels.

What should I expect during a medical consultation for skin concerns?

During a consultation, our medical dermatology experts will conduct a thorough examination of your skin, hair, and nails. We’ll discuss your concerns, medical history, and lifestyle factors. This personalised approach helps us diagnose and address a wide range of common and rare skin conditions, ensuring comprehensive care for your skin health.

Why choose The Skin Lab?

By booking in with our dermatologist Brisbane clinic, you’re choosing a personalised journey to better skin health. All of our experienced doctors are accredited by the ​​Australasian College of Dermatologists and bring a perfect blend of expertise and warmth to every consultation. With a focus on personalised care and a touch of artistry, we’re here to craft a skincare experience that exceeds your expectations. Our skin treatments are designed to boost your confidence and leave your skin radiant and glowing.

Looking for more?

At The Skin Lab, we offer a variety of services – from cosmetic injectables to laser hair removal and skin and body treatments. Get in touch with us to book your treatment today!

All skin types welcome

Got questions? Or ready to book in? Contact our experienced and friendly team to start your journey to healthy skin with us.
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