Rhinophyma Treatment Brisbane

A condition most commonly found in men over the age of 50, Rhinophyma involves a substantial thickening of the tissue of the nose, which can be severe and cause serious social and psychological implications.

Thankfully, we offer a non-surgical solution with our gold-standard CO2 laser resurfacing.  While this treatment does include some downtime, the associated risks of surgery are far less when treating with CO2 lasers, and the results for the patient can be life changing.

From $850*

*First-time customers require an initial consultation

What to expect

Which lasers do you use, and how does the treatment work?

Our Deka Smartxide DOT CO2 laser is used to deliver energy into the area that will safely and precisely vaporise the thickened tissue, restoring your nose to its natural shape and size. CO2 lasers are considered as the gold-standard in the treatment of Rhinophyma.

How many treatments do I need?

The majority of patients require only one treatment for Rhinophyma in their lifetime.

I’m booked in for a treatment! Do I need to do anything beforehand?

Great! We look forward to welcoming you to The Skin Lab. Prior to your treatment, we ask that you avoid excessive sun exposure.

What happens during my treatment?

All The Skin Lab skin treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation where you’ll share your medical history, background and treatment goals.

When it’s time to begin your treatment, twilight sedation will be administered, as well as local nerve-blocking anaesthetic injected into the area to ensure the highest possible level of comfort for you. A number of passes of laser energy will be delivered over the thickened tissue until it has been effectively removed.

Once the procedure is done, we will invite you to sit comfortably in our recovery room for 30-60 minutes while your sedation subsides.

What can I expect afterwards?

You can expect some redness, soreness and stinging in the treatment area for up to one week following, during which time your wound will require cleaning and the application of healing balm. This is the most uncomfortable phase, after which your skin should start to heal normally for the next 2-3 weeks.


Fractional Co2 Laser

from $850**
* First-time customers require an initial consultation
** Medicare rebate may apply

All skin types welcome

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