Dr Godfrey Wagner

MBBS (QLD), MRCP (UK), FACD | MED0001357712

Dr Wagner is an esteemed dermatologist and principal at The Skin Lab, renowned for providing exceptional dermatological care. In addition to his role at The Skin Lab, he offers his expertise to patients at Access Specialist Clinic Belmont, Gympie Specialist Centre, Icon Cancer Centre in Mackay, and holds visiting privileges at Greenslopes Private Hospital. Dr Wagner obtained an MBBS degree from the esteemed University of Queensland and furthered his medical pursuits in England, earning the distinguished MRCP (UK) qualification. Upon returning to Australia, he successfully completed the Fellowship of the Australian College of Dermatologists, solidifying his exceptional credentials in the field.

With a professional focus on skin cancer and a wide range of skin diseases, including pediatric dermatology, Dr Wagner’s expertise is highly sought after. Currently, he serves as the director of dermatology training for Queensland, where he imparts his extensive knowledge to aspiring dermatologists, contributing to the advancement of the field. Additionally, Dr Wagner holds prestigious positions as a Director of the Queensland Institute of Dermatology and a board member of the Queensland Skin and Cancer Foundation, further exemplifying his commitment to improving dermatological care.

Dr Wagner’s genuine ability to establish rapport with patients is matched only by his dedication to providing exemplary care. His unwavering professionalism and attention to detail have earned him a remarkable reputation, making him a trusted practitioner in the medical community. With an unwavering commitment to patient well-being, Dr Wagner continues to make significant contributions to the field of dermatology, ensuring that individuals receive the highest standard of care.

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