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Observe 520 Skin Analysis

We’re often asked what the key to long term, healthy skin is, and it goes without saying that it begins with analysis. Knowing the true health and condition of the skin before prescribing any treatment plan is crucial to ensuring our recommendations are going to achieve your goals. However, some things such as dermal pigment and deep UV damage, bacteria, and vessels cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is where our OBSERV 520 comes in.


What to expect

Using industry-leading technology, you’ll understand your skin’s condition like never before. Taking a series of six detailed images using various light filters, this incredibly powerful tool can uncover what’s really going on beyond your skin’s surface. Providing a detailed diagnosis of your skin health, this is the perfect launchpad for your personalised skin care and treatment plan. Once the photos have been taken, you’re able to remove your head from the analysis station and immediately discuss your skin health results with your clinician.

Before beginning any skin health journey, analysis is key. This system allows us to get to know your true skin health and devise a treatment plan that is not only results-focused but crafted to your individual needs every step of the way. Often, we’ll recommend another analysis during or at the end of a treatment plan to re-evaluate your skin health and allow you to truly discover the long-term skin health habits you have achieved. This way we can track your treatment progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Our OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis delivers 6 key fundamental skin conditions:

  1. The condition of your skin as it is seen in everyday life
  2. An enhanced view of your skin’s surface to reveal wrinkle formation, skin texture, pore size and fine lines
  3. An unobstructed view of your dermal layers to reveal inflammation, pigmentation and redness
  4. Skin conditions deep beneath the surface (some beyond what the naked eye can see) including sun damage
  5. Skin dehydration and oiliness
  6. Irregularities in skin tone and the impact of the measured conditions with no further treatment

Following your OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis, you can expect clarity about your skin’s health like never before. We practice a holistic approach to skin health that encapsulates what we do both in and out of the treatment room. Working one-on-one with your clinician, you’ll be provided a comprehensive skin health plan and insights into creating good skin habits to last a lifetime.


OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis


All skin types welcome

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