Facial Contour Concerns

Unhappy or self-conscious about the shape of your facial features? This could be due to natural shifts in our facial definition as we age, or it could be the shape you were born with. The digital era has now made many of us more focused on our facial features than ever before, thanks to frequent selfies and Zoom meetings.

Areas of Concern


Some are lucky enough to be born with stunningly chiselled jawlines, while others are on the softer side. These softer bone structures tend to fade even further when photographed, as a camera’s depth perception is not as advanced as the naked eye. For men, a strong jawline results in a more muscular look, so treatments that aim to define and strengthen these are popular with our male clientele. For women, those troublesome jowls can blur the jawline and add heaviness to the lower face and neck.


The same applies to chins as it does with jawlines – that a weaker/softer chin can often look especially rounded on camera and be a source of self-consciousness. Many of our female clientele seek to enhance the point of their chin, as this is usually perceived as more feminine.


This sagging of the cheek area that causes a drooping of the jawline is a classic symptom of ageing resulting in volume loss. When the plumpness and support below the cheeks starts to degrade, the skin sags down resulting in jowls.


We have several options for facial contouring, all varying according to your specific condition and needs. We recommend booking a consultation in order to establish the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

Liquid Facelift

Thread Lifts

Laser for Skin Rejuvenation

Medical Grade Skin Needling

Laser Genesis


Facial Sculpting Packages

All skin types welcome

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