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Ultraviolet Light Therapy

At The Skin Lab, our experienced Dermatologists offer both UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation, known as phototherapy, to effectively treat a range of skin conditions, including psoriasis and dermatitis. This commonly prescribed treatment can show great success over the course of treatments, with the duration determined by the individual’s response.

For Medicare eligible clients who are recommended this treatment by our dermatologists, there is no out-of-pocket expense (bulk billed).


* First-time customers require an initial consultation.

What to expect

Is it safe?

Yes, Ultraviolet Light Therapy has been a trusted method used by medical doctors and dermatologists for decades to treat various skin disorders, especially psoriasis. The treatment involves very short doses of ultraviolet light administered under the supervision of our experienced doctors. Narrowband UVB therapy, specifically chosen as the treatment of choice for psoriasis, demonstrates high efficacy while carrying a lower risk of cutaneous malignancy.

How many treatments do I need?

A series of treatments will be required, with the total number of treatments depending on your individual response. Generally, a course of 18-24 treatments is carried out three times a week, typically two days apart (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

Your progress will be checked throughout the course, and results will be reviewed by your treating dermatologist at 6-8 weeks. Some maintenance treatments may be required once your series is complete.

How much does the treatment cost?

A consultation fee may apply for an initial consultation with our dermatologists $270 with a medicare rebate of $78.95 .

In most cases, this treatment is then bulk billed and 100% covered as a medical treatment under Medicare with no out of pocket expense. If you already have a referral, you can book a treatment with one of our Dermatologists. If you do not have a referral, please book a consultation with Dr. Heather Jenkins or Dr. Dane Anderson to receive one who can then facilitate booking with our dermatologists.

What happens during my treatment?

Treatments are quick! During your appointment, the treatment area will be exposed to UV light for a short period, usually just a few minutes. You may experience a warming sensation during the treatment. The treatment time will gradually increase over the course of your treatment cycle. After your treatment, you are free to resume your normal activities.

What can I expect afterwards?

We recommend limiting sun exposure and using a high protection broad spectrum sunscreen daily throughout your treatment series. However, this is a general recommendation for all our clients! In some cases, you may experience temporary redness or itching in the treated area, which is completely normal. With regular treatments, most people experience significant improvement in their skin condition.


Dermatologist Consultations

Consultant Dermatologist: Dr Charlotte Man, Dr Godfrey Wagner, Dr Rowland Noakes

New Patient

Medicare rebate $78.95*

Existing Patient

Medicare rebate $47.80*

Ultraviolet Light Therapy Treatment

No out of pocket*
Fully rebatable*
*To be eligible for a Medicare rebate a referral from a GP is required, please visit your regular GP or book in with our skin cancer doctors for a referral and expedited dermatologist booking. No out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare eligible patients who meet the treatment criteria. An initial consultation fee for assessment will apply for new patients.

All skin types welcome

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