Loose Skin and Stretch Marks

Loose skin, whether a result of weight loss, natural ageing or pregnancy, can occur on any number of areas of the body, and can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. While drastic instances of loose skin may require surgical intervention, mild stretching of the skin can often be treated comfortably in-clinic.

Areas of Concern

Loose Skin

Loose skin often occurs on the face and neck as a result of our natural ageing process, where our collagen and elastin fibres that provide us with volume and support start to break down, and skin is left looking loose, saggy and crepey. It also commonly occurs as a result of weight loss, where an increase in fat cell size pushes the skin outwards and it becomes stretched. If this weight gain lasts for a long period of time, when the weight is lost, the skin does not spring back, and therefore shows a visibly saggy appearance.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a result of rapid stretching of the skin, either in pregnancy or during rapid weight gain. Skin is stretched faster than it can handle, resulting in small tears. The reddish lines you can see on the surface are the scars forming around these tears, which turn white over time as with any other scar.


Our options for tightening loose skin and remodeling stretch marks include:

Onda Coolwaves

Laser for Scar Improvement

Medical Grade Skin Needling

Secret RF Microneedling


Dermal Fillers

Collagen Biostimulants

All skin types welcome

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