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Hybrid Dermal Filler

Nourish and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out with this one-of-a-kind injectable anti-ageing treatment.

As we age, declines in collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid can lead to structural and functional changes in the skin. These alterations can cause a decrease in barrier function and hydration and increase sagging, pore size, wrinkles, and other undesirable changes in skin quality.

Our patented Hybrid Dermal Filler contains highly purified hyaluronic acid that is used to deeply hydrate the skin, to smooth away wrinkles, improve texture, and boost skin quality for long lasting facial rejuvenation without adding unwanted volume.

Requiring two treatments spaced four weeks apart this is an ideal injectable hydration, firming and smoothing option for those new to dermal fillers, dry skin types or anyone looking to take their skincare routine to a deeper longer lasting level.


*First-time customers require an initial consultation

What to expect

What is the difference between hybrid dermal fillers and regular dermal fillers?

Our Hybrid Dermal Fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA) to plump the skin, smooth away wrinkles, improve texture and boost skin quality.

This filler is much thinner than traditional dermal fillers, allowing it to spread easily beneath the skin, causing a hydrating effect whilst also stimulating collagen and elastin. Traditional fillers stay in one place, creating volume, lift, filling, and reshaping.

Hybrid Dermal Filler Treatments are performed using two treatments four weeks apart, followed by maintenance. Dermal fillers are performed in one treatment approximately every six months, depending on type and location.

Who is this treatment for?

Our Hybrid Dermal Fillers are intended for anyone with concerns about skin ageing, as assessed by your cosmetic practitioner.

How does this treatment work?

Hybrid Dermal Fillers work by injecting highly purified hyaluronic acid into the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, as well as attracting water to the deeper layers of your skin.

Over the next month post treatment, the production of collagen and elastin will be stimulated, helping to plump and tighten the skin. It is shown to improve facial volume, skin elasticity and hydration and provides a reduction of wrinkles, coupled with a tightening effect and overall perceived improvement in skin quality.

The specially developed injection technique also means there are fewer injection points, fewer side effects and a reduced number of treatment sessions compared to traditional fillers.

What is the treatment like?

Our Hybrid Dermal Fillers are administered as an injection into the skin using an ultrafine needle on 5 pre-determined injection points on each side of the face. Each treatment session usually takes around 10 minutes.

Is there any downtime for this treatment?

There is no downtime. We do advise to avoid alcohol, aspirin, or anti-inflammatory medication for 24 hours before treatment. Immediately after treatment we recommend avoiding wearing makeup and giving sports, swimming, or any other strenuous physical activity a miss for 24 hours. It is also best to avoid saunas and steam rooms for a few days after treatment to ensure the best results.

Are there any side effects?

As with any cosmetic treatment, side effects can occur. This may include localised and temporary side effects such as pain, sensation of heat, redness, swelling or itching. Hardening or nodules may appear at the point of injection.

Your injector will inform you of all potential side effects and what to expect post treatment. Please refer to the Patient Information leaflet for further information regarding side effects. If any reactions persist beyond 10 days, please consult your physician.

How quickly will I see results?

There is typically a noticeable difference in skin hydration, elasticity, facial volume, and wrinkle reduction after 2 treatments (30 days apart). Skin tightening, brightening and improved texture and pigmentation have been reported after treatment.

Overall satisfaction with facial skin appearance after treatment was also reported from 8 weeks after the first treatment.

When will I need top up or maintenance treatments?

The need for top-up and maintenance treatment varies from person to person and may be anywhere from 9-18 months after receiving your initial treatment (2 injections). Your doctor will need to assess and evaluate your response to the initial treatment to determine a suitable treatment interval.

Hybrid Dermal Filler Prices

Hybrid Dermal Filler Treatment

* Dermal fillers Brisbane cost is determined by the needs of each individual. First-time customers require an initial consultation to determine eligibility before discussing your dermal filler cost. If a customer is eligible, they can receive their consultation and treatment on the same day.

All skin types welcome

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