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CoolSculpting Treatment in Brisbane

CoolSculpting is an advanced and effective treatment that slims, tones, and tightens problem areas for a smooth and youthful silhouette. It uses super low temperatures to ‘freeze’ fat cells so that they can be metabolised out of the body. It’s particularly beneficial for difficult areas such as the hips, tummy, chin, arms, and the notorious ‘under-bra bulge’. In short, CoolSculpting helps you achieve what dieting cannot.
But there’s something even better than that, and it’s available exclusively at The Skin Lab in Brisbane. We’re talking about DualSculpting.
The Skin Lab was one of the first aesthetics clinics to offer CoolSculpting to Queenslanders. Using our years of knowledge and experience to help you reach results faster, we’ve doubled up our CoolSculpting capability. We use not one but two CoolSculpting machines on your problem areas to cut short the prolonged time (and therefore the duration of any mild discomfort) from 1 hour to just 30 minutes!

Why Consider CoolSculpting in Brisbane?

It can be demotivating to try everything “right” and still feel so far away from that smooth, sleek silhouette you’re working hard for. Although diet and exercise should always be the first port of call for transforming our health and appearance, sometimes that just isn’t enough.
Before discovering CoolSculpting and DualSculpting, many of our clients used to try various forms of physical exercise and dieting – from HIIT to yoga to ab belts to fasting. They did notice an evident weight loss but were still sceptical about wearing strappy tops or tighter clothing. This can be frustrating after months of dedication.
No matter how much we exercise, getting rid of the stubborn fat around the hips, tummy, chin, and back is almost impossible. This can be such a blow to our confidence, and worse, make us feel there is no point in keeping up with our good work. However, you should know that it’s not your fault!
The fact is, with these areas, there is simply not enough muscle underneath the fat to tighten the skin back up. Several factors can lead to weight retention in these untrainable places, including weight fluctuation, pregnancy, and natural ageing. Anyone can be a victim of it – even young people or those with an otherwise slim build.
And this is why we love DualSculpting. It zeroes in on problem areas, supplements all your previous hard work, and puts you back in the driving seat.

Why Is DualSculpting Worth It?

Research shows that fat cells don’t disappear into the ether when we jump onto the treadmill. Once created, they stay in our bodies for several years. Burning fat with diet and physical exercise helps to reduce them, but this doesn’t eradicate them completely. Even more unhelpful, fat cells are prone to regain fat, especially during rapid weight loss. This is why those who turn to crash diets for a quick fix tend to find themselves dieting for life.
DualSculpting uses science to combat nature’s dirty work. By directly attacking those tough and tenacious fat cells, it takes you that extra mile when it comes to achieving a polished appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for DualSculpting?

Like everything we do at The Skin Lab, DualSculpting is a cosmetic procedure geared towards aesthetic beauty. So it doesn’t matter what your age, gender, or shoe size is – if you’re feeling insecure about your weight or wobbly bits, DualSculpting is for you!
You won’t notice the numbers on the scale drop following your first appointment but experience a visual difference in smoothness and tone, a reduction in loose skin, and much less ‘overhang’ around bra straps and waistbands. Fat cells are very light, but the process of sloughing them away can have a dramatic visual effect.
DualSculpting can be especially suitable for those who have lost a lot of weight, have gone through pregnancy, or who want to address physical signs of ageing in the body.

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

We design our pricing to reward you in the long run. Our CoolSculpting and DualSculpting work in cycles. With every session you attend, the results get more dramatic. Our pricing structure works in such a way that the more cycles you do, the cheaper the cycle price gets.
You can also choose to join The Club at The Skin Lab for a one-off fee. This significantly reduces your costs each time, so if you think you’ll be visiting us regularly or completing a full set of cycles, it’s so worth doing to see amazing results and get big savings at the same time.
Find our contact details here to arrange for a consultation. To know more about our DualSculpting and CoolSculpting price, call us right away.

Why Trust The Skin Lab For CoolSculpting in Brisbane?

At the Skin Lab, we are set up with two CoolSculpting machines, the biggest benefit being that we shrink the treatment time from 1 hour to 30 minutes!
Although this allows us to execute a super-focused sculpting session in less than a lunch break, we want to be clear: we have a trained doctor and nurse on-site at all times, with our qualified nurse being a CoolSculpting specialist. Our CoolSculpting specialists offer you their support during the entire procedure. We never rush or push you out of your comfort zone. We are always happy to answer as many questions as you have!

Finishing with the best thing of all, DualSculpting is a zero-downtime procedure. There are no injections, no surgical intervention, and no need to take time off work.
If you live in Brisbane and are searching “CoolSculpting near me”, then get in touch with us today! You can also discuss your issues and doubts with one of our specialists on +61 07 3832 4370.

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