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Why we’re gifting great skin this year

While diamonds may sparkle, there’s nothing quite like the radiance of glowing skin to steal the spotlight this Christmas.

With Christmas fast approaching, the search for the perfect gift intensifies. Whilst traditional presents like candles, clothes or accessories are always appreciated, the gift of great skin really tops them all – whatever your age.

This Christmas, why not gift the magic of self-care, radiance and relaxation with our Christmas Gift Cards, designed to give your loved ones a gift that will keep on giving.

Why a facial can be the ultimate post-Christmas stress reliever.

The festive season, though full of joy and fun, can be overwhelming with the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, and socialising. A facial provides a serene escape from the chaos, offering a quiet sanctuary where your loved ones can unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. It’s not just a gift; it’s a therapeutic experience.

Discover our Express Christmas Treatments

Amidst the holiday hustle—parties, school’s end, and Santa’s hectic schedule—self-care often takes a back seat. But fear not! The Skin Lab offers a limited-time solution: our $90 Christmas Peels. In just 30 minutes, reveal your holiday radiance without breaking the bank. A pre-Christmas must-have, these peels provide significant results, catering to all skin types and are perfect for a quick lunchtime boost or part of your festive prep. Elevate your glow and step into the celebrations looking and feeling your absolute best!

Gift a self-confidence boost

In times past, gifting anti-wrinkle and skin treatments was met with hesitation. Now, these treatments have become the sought-after gifts for everyone. It’s not merely about addressing concerns; it’s about fostering confidence and self-care. Today, these treatments transcend age, gender, and corporate divides, embraced enthusiastically by people of all walks of life. Beyond the physical improvements, these treatments nurture confidence and self-love. Experiencing this pampering creates a lasting sense of empowerment, leaving your loved ones feeling cherished and self-assured long after the holiday season ends.

Ready, set give the gift that they really want this year

This holiday season, think beyond the ordinary and present the gift of radiance and relaxation. Our most coveted skin treatment packages are now offered as convenient digital options or gorgeous ready-to-gift physical voucher boxes so you can present the ultimate experience gift in style. Let your loved ones unwrap the delight of self-care with Gift Vouchers that top everyone’s wish list this Christmas.

A gift that keeps on giving

While many gifts lose their lustre or end up forgotten in a drawer, the benefits of treatment from The Skin Lab persist. Enhanced skin texture, diminished fine lines, and a luminous glow are enduring. These lasting results ensure that your loved ones continue to relish the benefits long after the holiday season has faded away.

Something to unwrap

Looking for something they can unwrap? Choose from one of our many gift-worthy and limited edition Christmas skincare packs, such as iS Clinical Active Glow Collection (the ultimate age-defying combo), ASAP Super Serums B+C Pack or our SkinCeuticals Icons Deluxe Set that will enhance brightness and reduce the signs of ageing. Available with express shipping or Brisbane City pick up so you can take the stress out of wondering if your present will make it on time.

An experience to share

Gifts that create lasting memories are the most cherished. Why not book in a pamper session for you and a loved one to enjoy together and make a day of it. Before stopping into The Skin Lab for your treatment you could meet up for a coffee at Knowhere Bar, finish with a cocktail at Incholm or enjoy a luxury shopping spree at nearby Queen’s Plaza.

Discover more about our Christmas treatments or reach out for personalized assistance via email at or by phone at 07 3832 4370. Our team of experienced dermal therapists is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect gift tailored to your budget and goals!

Author: Eleanor Jenkins

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