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Why we’re re-thinking Black Friday

Step into the world of indulgence and impeccable skincare at The Skin Lab! While the rest of the world dives into the Black Friday shopping frenzy, we’re taking a different route—one that’s all about elevating your experience to new heights.

Sure, we adore a good sale as much as the next person, but when it comes to our in-clinic services, we believe in offering something beyond the ordinary. Our pride lies in delivering personalized services that go beyond the rushed, discount-driven approach. At The Skin Lab, Black Friday is about celebrating the art of skincare and the luxury of time.

Our approach to great skin

Picture this: an hour or more dedicated to each aesthetic treatment, ensuring an experience that’s unparalleled. We’re not just about quick fixes; we’re about the meticulous, the cutting-edge, and the exclusive. Our commitment to using top-notch technology and evidence-based premium treatments sets us apart.

Why we’re ditching Black Friday sales to offer more value

Discounting our premium services isn’t aligned with our ethos; however, enhancing value for our clients is. We’re investing in top-tier, clinically-proven skincare solutions to deliver tangible, measurable value that heightens our clients’ experiences and outcomes.

This commitment entails a significant investment, yet it’s about offering direct, tangible benefits to our clients. Our aim isn’t just to host a sale; it’s to surpass expectations and furnish substantial value, both in terms of monetary savings on skincare and in the enhancement of in-clinic treatments.

We believe in maintaining the integrity of our services and have got something special in mind that goes beyond mere discounts. This Black Friday, while we won’t be joining the discount frenzy within the clinic, we’re bringing you an exclusive offer that speaks volumes.

Introducing complementary three-month skincare routines that accentuate the results of our select packaged in-clinic treatments. Think RF micro-needling and CO2 laser sessions paired with a skincare routine designed to enhance and prolong the benefits. We’re not just about instant gratification; we’re about sustained, exceptional results.

Why add skincare?

Why the emphasis on skincare? Well, extensive research has shown that the integration of high-quality skincare significantly amplifies the impact of aesthetic treatments. Whether it’s dermal fillers, laser treatments, or needling services, combining them with top-tier skincare ensures superior satisfaction and lasting results.

At The Skin Lab, we’re investing in clinically proven skincare solutions to take your experience to the next level. Our Black Friday offer isn’t just a discount—it’s a commitment to delivering tangible, measurable value that enhances your journey with us.

Bright skin. Big savings.

Curious to know more? Dive into the details of our Black Friday offer and discover a world where skincare meets luxury. Your skin deserves the best, and at The Skin Lab, we’re here to exceed your expectations and provide a clear course of action.

Read all about our Black Friday offer here.

Author: Eleanor Jenkins

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