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Sophia Evans

Meet Sophia, one of the driving forces behind The Skin Lab’s online presence as administrative assistant to our COO. With a background in social media design and technical support, Sophia is always on the lookout for innovative ways to showcase the clinic’s latest services and products.

Drawing from her experience in medical administration and her extensive studies in digital communications, Sophia excels in constructing and nurturing strong digital connections, ensuring that your online interactions with us are every bit as delightful as your in-person visits. She understands the value of convenience, knowing that you should have everything you need to connect with us just a few clicks away (and in a beautiful design).  A digital lifesaver Sophia is always available to help both our clients and team with her innovative problem solving and organisational skills.
When she isn’t working on online pursuits, Sophia enjoys a lot of reading, as well as spending time with her cats.

All skin types welcome

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The Skin Lab

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