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Skin tags are harmless growths that hang from the natural surface of your skin. These harmless, soft little pieces of skin usually appear in areas such as the eyelids, neck, armpit, or any part of the body where your skin rubs against other skin or clothes. Skin tags don’t have any age bandwidth; they can occur at any age and all stages of life. However, skin tagsare often seen in people having certain medical conditions. Though these skin extended growths are non-cancerous, you can consider skin tag removal in Brisbane for cosmetic reasons. Today, we have covered everything about skin tag – causes, removal methods, and more!

What Is a Skin Tag?

Skin tags, also known as acrochordons, are non-cancerous, non-contagious, brown or flesh-coloured skin growth. An individual is likely to develop acrochordons at some point in their life. Skin tags aren’t dangerous for your body, but people desire to remove them for practical or cosmetic reasons. Most people get them removed due to their unattractive appearance or discomfort when the skin is rubbed by clothes or jewellery. Skin tags resemble a wart or mole on your body.

Causes of Skin Tags

There is no clear evidence as to why and how skin tags develop, but one theory suggests that it may happen when collagen clusters and blood vessels become trapped inside a thick piece of skin. Skin tags are commonly found in skin creases or folds, and they may be caused by skin rubbing against other skin. However, several skin tags develop in areas where they don’t run against other skin. Skin tags can also develop due to genetics. For instance, if your family has many skin tags, you are likely to get them. People with diabetes, obesity issues, and those who are pregnantcan also get skin tags. Skin tags are also associated with hyperinsulinemia, meaning there is too much insulin circulating in your blood. There is also some evidence that such skin growths may indicate impaired carbohydrate metabolism in a body. If your body has quite a few skin tags, it is ideal to approach a skin specialist.

Methods of Skin Tag Removal

People often only remove skin tags because of cosmetic or practical reasons. There are several methods of removing skin tags quickly and painlessly. To name some:

Cryotherapy Skin specialists use liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag
Surgical Removal – Cutting the skin tag with scissors or a scalpel
Electrosurgery – Burning off the skin tag with an electrical tool
Ligation – Tying off the skin tag with surgical thread to cut off the blood flow

Can I Remove Skin Tag Myself?

While one can attempt removing skin tags themselves, we recommend the assistance of a professional. Although skin tags are harmless, they bleed a lot upon removal. If immediate care is not taken, it may become infected or sometimes result in permanent scarring. Skin specialists can easily remove skin tags without creating any fuss, skin bleeding, or chances of scarring. Some skin tags are close to the eye line margin, which even a regular doctor or dermatologist can’t remove. In such cases, you should consult an eye specialist who will assist you with skin tag removal.

Is There Any Cancer Risk of Skin Tags?

As mentioned earlier, skin tags are non-cancerous skin growth. There is no evidence that skin tags possess any risk of becoming cancerous or life-threatening. However, if your skin specialists suspect any issues, they will send off your skin tag for testing purposes and determine the severity of the skin condition. If your skin tag has been bleeding or has changed colour, size, or shape, consult a skincare specialist in Brisbane.

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