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Courtney Heaton

Meet Courtney Heaton, our delightful client relations officer with a flair for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. With over 5 years of experience in the medical industry and exceptional customer service, Courtney knows how to make every visitor feel right at home.

Beyond her impressive organizational skills and attention to detail, Courtney has a special passion for all things skin health, skincare and wellness. She’s completed her undergraduate certificate in laser and dermal therapy and is currently pursuing a degree in Clinical Aesthetics and Health Science. This specialized training allows her to offer valuable insights and assistance to patients seeking cosmetic treatments.

But it’s Courtney’s people skills that truly shine. Whether she’s managing a team, scheduling appointments, or providing product knowledge, she effortlessly connects with our patients, making them feel valued and understood.

From her infectious smile to her ability to make even the busiest days feel like a breeze, Courtney is the welcoming wonder at The Skin Lab. Prepare to be charmed as she helps you embark on your journey to look and feel your best!

All skin types welcome

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The Skin Lab

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