Patch Testing

Our patch testing is designed to determine whether potential substances or allergens may be the cause of your inflammatory skin conditions, such as dermatitis. These are very different from skin prick tests, which are best suited to help with hayfever and allergies to grasses, pets or moulds – and are often different when it comes to skin sensitivity issues.

During our Patch Testing, you will undergo a series of appointments to test between 34-60 substances on your skin to detect possible contact dermatitis responses.

From $453.25*

*First-time customers require an initial consultation

What to expect

What happens during my appointment?

After receiving a referral from your GP, you will need to book in a consultation with one of our dermatologists to establish if patch testing is suitable for you. If you and your treating physician are happy to proceed, three consecutive appointments will be made for you over the course of 5 days.

During your first visit, tiny quantities of various substances, usually between 25-150, are applied to the skin on your back, and kept in place with hypoallergenic adhesive tape. The aim is to test whether any of these substances cause irritation on your skin. The patches should stay in place undisturbed for 48 hours, so we will advise you to continue about your activities over the next two days taking special care of the test patches on your back.

Returning for your second appointment two days later, we remove the tape while marking each test site with a special skin-safe marker. These marks must still be visible at your third appointment, usually another two days later. We will then assess any responses to each substance, uncovering topical skin irritants so that you can better understand any triggers that lead to your skin irritation.

What is the cost of treatment?

The final cost of your treatment will include an initial consultation with one of our dermatologists ($250 with a $76.80 medicare rebate) plus your three allergy testing visits at a combined rate of $453.25 with a medicare rebate of $179.35.

I’m booked in for a treatment! Do I need to do anything beforehand?

Great! We look forward to welcoming you to The Skin Lab. Pre-treatment preparation will be advised by your doctor as this may vary from patient to patient.

Steroid creams or medications, or antihistamines, should not be taken within 48 hours of your patch testing. Please call us for advice if you are unsure. Shower the morning of your test as you cannot get your back wet from the time your patches are applied until your third appointment. Wear a dark top, as the pens we use to mark your test sites are black or purple and may stain lighter clothing.

Do not apply any moisturisers or creams the day of your appointment. All physical activity or jobs that require sweating should be avoided as sweat can dilute the patch test sites or make the patches fall off completely. We offer certificates for work if needed.



price $250
Medicare rebate $76.80

Patch Testing

price $453.25
Medicare rebate $179.35
* First-time customers require an initial consultation.

All skin types welcome

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