Moles and Warts

If you’re bothered by moles or warts on the face or body and this is affecting your self-confidence, we offer a non-surgical solution that may pique your interest. Until recently, surgical excision, along with cryotherapy (freezing) were the only techniques available for removing localised skin lesions. However, most moles are suitable for removal using either laser or a simple shaving treatment, with no stitching required.


Our Deka Smartxide DOT CO2 laser is used to safely and precisely vaporise moles and warts, without affecting the surrounding skin. CO2 lasers are used as the gold-standard of laser skin resurfacing for the entire face, however in this case, we utilise the laser energy on one tiny area alone, quickly and effectively removing your wart or mole only.

Laser for Moles & Warts

Non-Laser Treatment with Specialist

All skin types welcome

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