CoolSculpting - Patient Care

Patient Care Information


After having undergone the CoolSculpting treatment, there are no specific aftercares needed.  You may shower normally, this will not affect the treated areas. Also, there are no specific creams, lotions or other physical aftercares required.

Expected effects immediately following treatment:

  • Following CoolSculpting, the treated area may look raised and feel stiff, cold, and/or firm.  Transient blanching (temporary whitening of the skin) may occur.
  • Common side effects can include bruising, redness, swelling, and tenderness, with the skin appearing red for a few hours after the applicator is removed.
  • You may feel a sense of nausea or dizziness as your body naturally warms and sensation returns to the treatment area. These are all normal reactions that typically resolve within minutes.
  • You may feel a dulling of sensation in the treated area that can last for several weeks after your procedure.
  • Please note that side effects following treatment resolve naturally, and typically settle within several days following treatment.

Potential side effects in the days and weeks following CoolSculpting treatment:

Please note that symptoms following CoolSculpting treatment subside over time but certain symptoms may persist for several weeks following treatment, and may include the following:

  • Bruising, swelling and dulling of sensation in the treatment area.
  • Tenderness to touch, deep itching, hardness of the treatment site, tingling, stinging, skin sensitivity, numbness, mild to strong cramping or muscle spasms, pain in the treatment area and/or aching.
  • In rare cases, patients have reported discrete nodules or enlargement of the treatment site. Please note that these and other unknown side effects may also occur.

In patients undergoing CoolSculpting treatment, experiences and intensity of symptoms will differ between individuals, and some patients may experience a delayed onset of the previously mentioned occurrences.
Whilst some patients have reported a high level of discomfort following treatment, this does not occur for the majority of patients who undergo CoolSculpting treatment.

If you have any queries following CoolSculpting treatment or are experiencing any unusual side effects, moderate-severe discomfort, or if symptoms worsen over time following treatment, please contact staff at The Skin Lab on 07 3832 4370, or seek medical review immediately.